Monday, July 20, 2009


Another case of: just when you think you've got enough to handle, along comes someone who makes your troubles seem like nothing. Melanie Decker is 28, a new mom and a survivor of one of the most aggressive cancers, inflammatory breast cancer. What's that? You never heard of it? Neither had I until Melanie came along. Now she wants all women to know. The scary thing is, there's no lump, nothing that'll show up on a mammogram. Your only clue is the appearance of the breast--red and inflamed and with an inverted nipple. She's being treated at the UW Carbone Cancer Center and by one of the brightest, young medical oncologists you could possibly find, Dr. Kari Wisinski. With the scariness of a very aggressive cancer, Melanie has time on her "worry list" to be concerned about other women who've never heard about inflammatory breast cancer. Just helping Melanie spread the word!

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